Blind Sensorium Workshop

Educational project
A project by òbelo÷ Claude Marzotto, Maia Sambonet
Educational Programme Guides: Marika Coronato, Debora Russo
Organization: Matera 2019 Education, Emmanuele Curti, Marìca Montemurro

Blind Sensorium Workshop is an action devised on the occasion of Armin Linke’s Blind Sensorium. Il paradosso dell’antropocene exhibition in Matera. The workshop engages primary, middle and high school students in a dialogue with Armin Linke's research, taking the documents on show as the starting point for initiating an open reflection around issues such as climate change, information politics and the role played by images.
A guided tour moves the group across the exhibition's spaces, to identify the essential themes and connections between the images. Step by step, the participants respond to both texts and images by writing down and drawing personal notes on the loose pages of a customized sketchbook.
Eventually, the workshop provides the participants with copies of the images on show, as well as a selection of excerpts, inviting them to design an original 'exhibition-guide' by combining their drawings and texts with selected exhibition materials.
The series of booklets is available for consultation until the closing of the exhibition.

Blind Sensorium. Il paradosso dell’Antropocene

An exhibition by Armin Linke
in collaboration with Giulia Bruno and Giuseppe Ielasi

Curated by Anselm Franke

Matera, Museo Archeologico Nazionale Domenico Ridola
ed Ex Scuola Volta

Fondazione Matera-Basilicata 2019 – Polo Museale della Basilicata

Project Direction in the Domenico Ridola National Archaeological Museum Marta Ragozzino
Project Development
Rossella Tarantino

Exhibition Coordinator
Elisa Giuliano

Exhibition Architecture Aristide Antonas, Elina Axioti, Yannikos Vasiloulis

Exhibition Design Development and Execution Martha Schwindling

Graphic Design
Mevis & van Deursen 
with Line Arngaard
and Andrea di Serego Alighieri