La Fête Permanente

A project by òbelo÷ Claude Marzotto, Maia Sambonet
in collaboration with a r c h i p e l a g o
Curated by Alexandru Balgiu, Elorah Connil

ENSBA Ecole nationale supérieure des beaux-arts, Lyon

Join the happening and take part to an open and evolving space!
50 years after the publication of Teaching and Learning as Performance Arts (1970), “La Fête permanente” has started from a critical rereading of Robert Filliou's text to test alternative practices –generative, performative, participatory– for sharing knowledge in the field of visual arts.

The workshop has involved a group of students in a collective research and design process on several levels:
– a schedule of actions aimed at the student community, which provide for an alternative use of the times and spaces available within the university institution;
– the documentation and archiving of the process, edited and collected within aday-by-day journal, printed on site with a risograph;
– the set up of a final exhibition/party, sharing with an open public the workshop’s outcomes and performative actions.