Reset Modernity! Shanghai Perspective

Research, graphic design
Root Researcher: Bruno Latour
Team: Martin Guinard-Terrin, Jamie Allen, òbelo and Donato Ricci in collaboration with Special Researchers Christophe Leclercq and Paolo Patelli
Shanghai Project Chapter 2
Shanghai Himalayas Museum

One year after the opening at ZKM, the Reset Modernity! exhibition evolved into a four-day workshop program at the Shanghai Himalayas Museum, consisting in a series of group discussions around the conception of science, territory, sovereignty, and the role of technology, from a comparative perspective between Europe and China.
We have collaborated with the research team in designing the workshop’s operating methods and devices. Experimenting a challenging negotiation process, a library of visual documents was made available to support the discussion and the video recording of a statement at the end of each session.