Inspired by Robert Filliou’s Teaching and Learning as Performing Arts (1970), The Institute of Permanent Creation is a blank zone overspreading The Art Chapter book fair, making room for a free interplay between art, life and learning. The public is invited to interact with three stations:

I.    The Reading Room
Is Whatever I Say Irrelevant If It Does Not Incite You To Add Your Voice To Mine? 
Take your time to read Filliou’s book and take part to an open dialogue by giving your comments and opinion.

II.    The Archive of Collective Poems
What Would You Get Rid Of?
Exchange words to update Filliou’s interactive Collective Poem (1963) displayed on the wall.

III.    The Multi-Book
What’s Happening?
Join at any time a rule-free playground and participate to the drawing happenings.
Milano IT

A happening devised by
IED Milano students
on the occasion of
The Art Chapter book fair

In collaboration with
archipelago projects


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